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The possibility of bad weather does not cancel track events. While your Instructors won’t send you out on a sheet of ice, wet ground will actually enhance your learning experience. It’s the Instructors who bear the brunt of bad weather, as you will either be in the classroom or toasty warm and dry in your car. So don’t forget to thank them for their efforts. They volunteer for this.

I work outside and I can tell you from personal experience that weather forecasts are rarely 100% correct. Your Chief Instructor and his crew of brave men and women will work around the changing weather and make sure that you complete the IDS. Of course it’s entirely up to you if you decide not to go, however keep in mind that the IDS is a requirement for you to attend any track events this season.

The Driver Development Track has been rented and there will be no alternate dates offered as they are booked for the season. So this is your confirmation. Every track date throughout the season is “on” as scheduled. Relax and have fun. For the most part it will just be wet and you will really advance your car control.