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Wild Weasel

When I decided I wanted a roadster, the 981 and F-Type were both on my short list.

Now, the reason I dropped the F-Type was because, at the time, there was no manual transmission option available. Now there is, so that’s not so relevant.

That aside though, I feel like I really dodged a bullet on that one. Firstly, my Boxster was amazing in every way as a roadster. On the roads, it was sublime, and it had enough space in it to pack for a weekend for myself, my wife, and our dog. That car never failed to impress me and I still miss it.

More than that though, the Porsche community has been amazing and the Boxster held it’s own on the track beyond all expectations. I can’t imagine the F-Type, being softer and heavier and more of a little touring car, would have given the same experience or had the same enthusiast community.

Jaguar ownership would have been fleeting until I moved on to the next thing.

Porsche ownership seems like it’ll be a lifelong adventure.