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andy wright

Interesting Discussion here. This has been the subject of much debate over the years within our Instructor group and other similar DE programmes. The problem we face as instructors is that the “nannies” on newer Porsches are so good, a student will likely never know when they are driving beyond their skill limit, as the car is saving them from themselves. Just because the car can handle it, doesn’t mean you are improving your ability by going faster or braking less/later. Drive smoother to drive more quickly.

The conundrum is, if instructors turn off the nannies and the student damages their car, or worse, who is liable. That is why as a rule, we do not do this. That being said, I have known instructors (especially in the Green run group) turn off the Stability Control just so a student can feel the car approaching its limits of adhesion. The PSM even when turned off, is still operating in the background and will still intervene if the car is truly out of shape.

My advice keep the nannies on, but learn to feel when they are operating. That is a good sign you are pushing too hard.