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Avatarandy wright

Hi Kevin,

I would take issue with your comments on a few levels.

Green & Yellow are not the same. In Green we have novice drivers who have a steep learning curve at the track and are obviously slower and less likely to be on-line than the more advanced groups.
Being in the Yellow group means you have mastered the ‘basics’ and proven to an instructor that you can be fairly consistent with your driving, know the line and understand the work zones as well as learning to watch your mirrors and be courteous to other drivers. The Green and Yellow run groups are limited in their number of drivers (we have different cars/mile rules for different run groups) and therefore do not need more than the three passing zones.

We do not move Yellow Students to White without still having an instructor in the car initially to familiarize them with the extra passing zones and much greater traffic. To be in White, you should be consistent, smooth (including being able to heel-and-toe) as well as able to pass and give pass signals cleanly. White has the greatest variation of any run group when it comes to skill levels and experience. You have drivers just moved from Yellow and others ready (or nearly ready) to move to Black. Drivers of all levels need to demonstrate they can handle these different capabilities while showing respect for all their fellow trackies at all times. Note that we do not promote drivers based on their speed (you cannot expect an 8-valve 944 driver to be as quick in a straight line as a 911-GT3 driver), but on their ability and behaviour.

Black run group are the advanced Solo drivers that have shown they have mastered the values that make them safe, smooth and able to handle rapidly changing situations. It is also the run group that poses the greatest challenges to our track team. At this level, the cars tend to be faster, either because of horsepower or better driving ability. Speed differential can be an issue, but it is one that any Black driver should be able to handle safely and with respect to the slower cars. Big egos abound in this run group and we have also noted a sense of entitlement by some drivers who think that slower cars should get out of their way as soon as possible. Such behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Everybody pays the same to participate in our DE events and should be given the same level of respect, regardless of what they drive. With 5 passing zones on a 2.5 mile track such as CTMP/Mosport, you should have the patience and respect to adjust your pace and hold back until you receive a passing signal from the car in front. Having ‘Open-Passing’ would not resolve such issues.

We have in certain instances when run group numbers are low, combined the Red and Black sessions and allowed open passing, just as is done at the Club-Race Touring group. It is fun, but it requires a much greater level of both respect and skill between the drivers and if we see those attributes in a driver, (sometimes because of a check-out ride) they get noticed and brought to my attention.


Andy Wright
UCR Chief Instructor