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Wild Weasel

Hi Andy,

I realize from your response that I need to clarify what I meant by the equality of the groups. They’re definitely not the same with respect to the level of skill of the drivers in them. I meant the equality only with respect to the rules in each of them.

The rules are the same for Green/Yellow and for White/Black.

When suggesting the additional passing zones for Yellow, it has nothing to do with making it easier to get through traffic or with preventing trains. It would have to do with getting accustomed, with an instructor, to what a student is going to be doing in White. This is especially important when adding in the additional skill of giving passes before the end of a turn.

There seemed to be a lot of concern in the classroom session we had in the White group about taking a hand off the wheel before tracking out. That feels very different in turn 2 than it does coming out of 3, 5, or 10. In the Yellow group, students could learn this with the guidance of an instructor.

There’s also something to be said for the sense of accomplishment of graduating up to being allowed to do something you weren’t previously allowed to do.

Getting into the White group can be very stressful as it is. I remember my first time going out solo and realizing that everything was now wholly on my own shoulders. I had to know if someone was behind me. I had to know which flags were out. There was nobody there to depend on for backup.

Adding in brand new things like new passing zones and different ways to pass when there’s nobody there to guide you seems unnecessary when that could all be done in Yellow.

The same is true for moving from White to Black. When you make the move from White to Black… what difference does it make? What does the student gain from this transition?

I’m encouraged by the idea of combining the Black and Red groups. I didn’t realize that was a thing that happened. Since we’re having record numbers of students at events now, is it anticipated that this could still happen in the future? Are there certain events we should try not to miss, such as May and October, that are less full and have a better chance at this happening?

Finally, note that I don’t look at open passing as an opportunity to get by slower cars quicker. It was my experience that it was a lot of fun among similar cars just giving and taking late passes and adjusting lines through the corners to enter side-by-side and have it completed before or after the apexes.

It’s not about getting by people. It’s about having fun on the track trying different things and getting to know other drivers.

I hope this clarifies my earlier comments and gives some context to the changes I suggested.

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