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Great discussion.

Passing in the more advanced areas is not about how fast you are but much more about the cooperation between you and the person being passed. You really have to be courteous and considerate of each other. No one needs to pass between 4 and 5 or 2 and 3 etc. but it’s really great when someone slower than you is generous enough to throw you a pass at those spots. And I say generous because they really have to be ready to adapt their line and check their speed to accommodate the person passing.
It takes experience and finessed judgement to asses whether the person wanting to passing you is close enough to make the move and get it done. Will you be able to give them enough room? Will they be able to get it done before the apex? You have very little time to make all those decisions. And you want to be able trust the other person to be able to also make those judgements. All that only comes with more seat time and with trust in your fellow drivers. You want to get to know the guys around you and be comfortable with each other’s skill level.

It’s also best to focus on getting as much out of each session and instructor and event as you can. What kind of skills are you picking up? Is it feeling smoother? Are you feeling more comfortable? How consistent are you? Get as much feedback as you can. If you are continually thinking about where you are ranked and how fast you are advancing through the run groups you are missing the point and likely in a head space that is going to impede your ability to learn.

Just some thoughts.