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Maybe there should be a policy that any time a driver or instructor makes a complaint about another driver’s behaviour, that driver is approached with the accusation and given a chance to explain themselves.

After our very last session last weekend, an instructor came over to my car to ask me it I was “trying to pass his student” on the second or third lap. I explained that I hadn’t passed anyone all weekend without a signal, and if I was warmed up and he wasn’t or if I was just faster, then I’m sure I was hoping to be let by, but I certainly didn’t “try” to pass anyone that wasn’t specifically letting me by with an arm signal. My instructor was still in the car and confirmed what I had said, and the other instructor seemed to be content with the answer, said “all good” and walked away.

I would certainly much rather have someone ask me to my face about an alleged incident, then have people talk about me being a bad sport behind my back. We’re all there to have a good time, and building up animosity and resentment isn’t coducive to that.

This was my first weekend back with PCA after over a decade off and I had a really good time. I was specifically looking to get good coaching to improve my driving. I certainly learned a lot from my instructor, and I’ve finally found a decent line through 5!

I was very impressed with how courteous all of the drivers were. I’ve been to a lot of private track days where the other drivers are either oblivious that you’ve showed up on their back bumper in a faster car, or are too proud to let you by. I certainly made sure to keep an eye on my rear-view mirror and signal past anyone who caught me up.

Silver Cayman R #356

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