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andy wright

In the instructed groups (Green & Yellow) it is usually the instructors that, if they see a problem with another driver, will approach them or their instructor directly and make them aware of it. Once you are in the solo groups, it is up to the drivers or the corner workers to bring problems to my attention and then depending on the circumstances, I will have Attitude talk with them or arrange for a Check-out ride by one of our senior Instructors. Of course, if it is a safety issue we will Black-Flag the driver and deal with the issue immediately.

The White run group has the largest speed and skill level differential of any group and therefore a great deal of respect and patience is required by all drivers to make sure everybody remains safe and still has fun. Passing is usually the most common issue, either because drivers aren’t checking their mirrors or faster cars are being too aggressive behind slower cars. Hence the ‘Passing Classroom’ last weekend.