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Kevin, you and I almost met last weekend, maybe in October?

First, nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, as long as you keep an open mind and accept that others might not see things as you do, and that there might be other reasons for things being the way they are. It’s a lot better to discuss ideas and get them in the open than it is to keep them to yourself and feel misunderstood. And who knows, it could start a discussion and help change or improves things, even if it’s just minor tweaking… or just underscore the need for better communication.

Second, wanting to move up to black to “drive with your friends” is legitimate; it’s actually what happened to me. I was at Tremblant, in white, and wanted to drive with my cousin in black. I asked the CI for a check ride, assuming that it would just be for the rest of the weekend. Imagine my surprise when he told me that, that was it, I was now a black driver.

Third, in my view, moving to black is as much about attitude and awareness as it is about driving skills, if not more. Normally, as an experienced white driver, the driving skills should be there. Smoothness, car handling, driving the/a line, being courteous, etc., are similar to what you will find in black. The FLOW, however, is better in black. You get the early point-by’s that allow you to pass without having to slow down; there’s a higher level of trust between drivers; there is more predictability, and other than actual car performance, it tends to be a more homogeneous group, but because of varying car performance, everyone needs to be PATIENT 🙂

Yeah, more passing zones might be nice, but there’s more to it than that; the groups have different dynamics, regardless of where they can pass, and with such large groups, changes must be considered carefully; let’s not change what isn’t broken… if it’s not broken.

Additionally, and as you can imagine, the new breed of GT cars, with their incredible performance, creates a new challenge for the track team: “Wow, that was a good run, but was it the car or the driver…?”. It’s not always obvious.

But don’t worry, we have a very capable track team that has everyone’s safety at heart, so I think that we are in good hands.