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Wild Weasel

Hi Francois,

Are you the guy from Quebec with the GT3RS? If so, then we definitely met earlier this season and chasing you around was some of the most fun I’ve had in any UCR DE this year! 🙂

Incidentally, if I got too close or made you uncomfortable, please see my apology in the thread below this one. That was never my intention.

The things you’re mentioning about the Black group having better flow and earlier point-by’s are exactly what I was expecting from the Black group and were things I’d mentioned as reasons I wanted to be there. Apparently the message that actually got sent though was that I’m too impatient and aggressive.

I agree that discussions and explanations are good for everyone.

What I’ve learned from this discussion and the one on Rennlist though are that it’s probably best that I stay out of them going forward and keep my opinions to myself. Not because opinions aren’t valued. Rather, because I apparently do a piss poor job of expressing mine without coming across as an asshole, and that’s not a reputation I’m looking to foster here.

This past weekend I reviewed my video from my failed check-out ride to see where I can do better next time and honestly can’t for the life of me see any point where I’m driving aggressively or tailgating or anything that would be considered disrespectful. With that in mind… all I can think of is that it comes down to the things I said and the things I pointed out on the track. I recognize when I need to slow down before a corner because I’ll get too close to the person in front of me. I recognize when I should have been given a pass but didn’t. My mistake seems to be in pointing those things out to the instructor.

Rod called me out on the Rennlist thread, suggesting that I started the discussion there because I didn’t like the answers I was getting here.

That wasn’t the case… but the response shows how I’m being perceived and I’m definitely not doing myself any favours. Rod was my first ever DE instructor and I think of him as hugely influential in how much fun I’ve got out of this sport over the years. If he thinks I’m being a jerk, then I’ve definitely failed in my intentions.

With that in mind, as I mentioned earlier I’m stepping away from all off these discussions and will keep my opinions to myself going forward. Not because opinions aren’t appreciated or any such thing. Just because I’m obviously not very good at expressing them and don’t want to keep shooting myself in the foot. I’m not helping anything here by being a constant squeaky wheel.