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No Kevin, I’m an instructor that almost got to go out with you for a second check ride on Sunday. Look me up at your next event and I’ll be happy to chat, and go out with you if you want.

I don’t know, you’re kind of saying the right things on here, and pretty much on Rennlist too, so voicing your opinion might not be the issue. How about the tone of your comments? And by that I mean in person, because your written word appears objective.

You say ” I recognize when I should have been given a pass but didn’t. My mistake seems to be in pointing those things out to the instructor”, but how did you point that out? Was it just a “oh, by the way”, or were you upset about it? If the latter, then definitely a wrong answer, just saying.

I don’t know you, but maybe you’re just a passionate guy, and that’s a good thing (I would know), but sometimes we need to take a breath, lol.