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David Rose

I want to relate my experience at my last session in June. My instructor moved me up from Yellow to White and rode with me the rest of the weekend. First session one of the 944’s spun off in turn 9 and we all got red flagged – my instructor said “Welcome to White Group!” I immediately found a huge differential in speed between White and Yellow. Next run I had another 944 on my tail after turn 2 and waved him by – he immediately swerved in front of me in turn three and I had to brake heavily. My instructor commented that was bad behaviour. Since the fellow was parked just down from me I talked to him after and he was pretty aggressive and said I’d been holding him up since turn 1. I apologized and shook his hand, but he later came up to me and apologized for his behaviour.

I guess my point is that, as Andy says, white group probably has the biggest differential in ability and I am on the low end.. I want to have fun out there but not risk endangering me, my car, or other participants. It has to be fun and safe or I;m not interested. That being said, I can happily wave anyone by except between 4-5, 8-9, 9-10.

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