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Hi Brian,

The Preparation Schedule is the same as usual except the Registration will be at the front counter in the DDT main building. You’ll see the Tech Line (as usual) when you drive in. There is only one Registration for the whole weekend, so if you’re in the Friday group you will receive your momento and your packet for the whole weekend. There will only be Registration on Saturday for those who don’t attend Friday.

Morning coffee and donuts will be provided in the DDT building. Because going to the Snack Bar at lunch would waste half your time, the Track Team is providing your lunch (pulled pork sandwiches and pasta salad) at the DDT on Friday. We will also provide a bin filled with cool water on Friday, so help yourself as needed. Please put the lid back on so it doesn’t get hot!

There are no paddock speakers at the DDT so we will be posting a Staging Flag in the fence next to the pit lane entry, so you will know who is staging next.

I hope this helps. If anyone has any remaining questions, I’ll check this string later today.