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As with any service like this, there are good and bad installers, and pros and cons to the actual application. I’m no authority, but here are my thoughts…

– dealerships will not do the work themselves, they’ll merely farm it out to a collision centre or tint supplier that they deal with, so you’re better off going straight to the source for the best price.
– depending on the type of film, they can yellow with sun exposure and change the hue of the paint colour compared to panels that don’t have the film – especially problematic on light coloured vehicles (I have a white BMW with this applied and the difference is very noticeable)
– you treat the film just like paint, so no special cleaners required and you can wax the same as paint
– heavily contoured pieces are the hardest to do well ie. bumpers with dramatic curves, air intakes, etc. Something like a hood is really easy

I recommend searching online – and both work with many exotics and come highly rated.

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