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Hi Brett,

Sorry I am late on commenting, but my 2002 Boxster is red and has had 3M since new, on front bumper and half way up the hood, and it is in excellent condition today. You can see the line across the middle of the hood, but there is no colour difference after 12 years – No fading or cracking. The only problem is that they covered the head lights too, and the daytime running lights lights have caused the film to bubble (but has never cracked). but just on the daytime running lights, not on the headlights. It looks like the 3M has protected the plastic light covers, so that’s good, but the bubbling on the daytime lights is not. The 3M on the headlights has never bubbled, perhaps because it does not heat up like the daytime lights. If I did it again, I would cover the headlights but not the daytime lights.