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Hi Guys, thanks for the replies and support.
When the turbo failed I do not believe it was “explosive” – the car was driven home and then put in the barn – I dont believe there would be any pieces inside the cylinders.
The timing belt is properly in place – the camshaft does move slightly indicating that the problem is with the main crankshaft. I have removed the alternator/water pump belt, and there is no A/C compressor.
Removing the oil pan sounds like the next step – does anyone know if this is possible?
A reply from a different forum goes as follows:
“While it is a possibility that you have a seized engine, you first need to determine the cause of the engine not rotating. I would suggest that before you start to dismantle things you decouple the transaxle from the drive shaft (by removing the bolts on the coupler and sliding the coupler towards the transaxle) to see if that frees up the engine. If that doesn’t, then there is still a possibility that either the clutch or the starter is locking the flywheel (and keeping the crankshaft from turning). If that is not the case, then it looks like removing the engine in order to diagnose what is keeping the crank from turning. Remove the engine and place it on an engine stand, then start removing parts until the crankshaft will turn. The last thing you remove before the crankshaft frees up will have been the cause of the seizure.”
The starter has been removed. I dont understand how the clutch could jam the flywheel – can anyone shed any light on this?