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Well, as with all things subjective I can only give my opinion but the guys at Pfaff do a fine job. I get mine detailed there all the time. Go talk to Jason Meise at the service desk and he will take care of you. I am a bit of a neat freak so I get my car done about four times a year. People tell me the interior is flawless.

Now then, for something more involved, there is Josh Spagnol at the Pfaff autoworks who can do a full three stage polish. I have my car there right now. I figured a polish would really be nice. It will get rid of all the scuff marks from cleaning.

I just emailed Josh this morning and he said :

> I could most likely squeeze in a single stage polish for you. This
would get rid of any wash mitt marks and haze. It would offer a better protection to your clear coat.
> Typically there are 3 stages of polishing.
> 1 Single stage
> 2 Compound and Polish
> 3 Wet sand (3000 grit) and Polish
> The single stage is our best option.

You can email him at “Josh Spagnol” jspagnol at pfaffautoworks.com and ask questions.

So there you have it. I have no issues with the Pfaff guys and really I don’t bother with a $50 difference here or there. Josh is probably the best around with a full detail cleaning with a polish. If you want I can wait until he is done and then post an update.