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Hi guys

Thank you everyone for all your advice and help. I hope this thread will be of at least some used to other novices like myself.

I decided against second hand for the reasons stated above. Also, as a novice, I’m not sure I’d have been able to spot a ‘dodgy’ set of rims/tires.

I ended up in Mantis chatting to Wayne.

As Wayne states above, Mantis managed to provide me with:
4 x 18in rims 235 Front, 265 Rear. 5 spoke, silver.
4 x Pirelli Sottozero tires for the above.
Tire Pressure Sensors.
Fitting, balancing, etc.

I had a minor meltdown yesterday evening when I realised that 265s on the rear weren’t in line with my owner’s manual, but Mantis have checked and assured me it’s all fine (thanks Ernie at Mantis).

Installed cost: $3040 plus tax. The second hand set would have been $2k, but the peace of mind is worth the extra. I decided to go with TPMS to avoid having the warning light constantly glowing, also I like the convenience and again peace of mind, especially when I commute on Expressways everyday.

I also took Andy’s advice and bought some WeatherTech floor liners. $183 (plus HST. Free shipping).

Thanks again guys.

All the best, Rob.