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I’ve been doing some more research. Info to date plus a question:

Question first. I’ve found a set of secondhand wheels and tires, but they have a 45mm offsets. Reading around, I think these will fit the car, protruding slightly further than my stock rims. Questions are:
1) Is the best bet just take them to Porsche and ask them to fit them to the car? They were originally bought at Pfaff and fitted to a Targa 4S, which inspires some confidence.
2) Is 6mm of tread on the rears suitable for winter driving (the tires are part worn)?
3) Any thoughts on the risks of buying secondhand? I figure getting Porsche to fit them will mitigate the risks.

Information to date:
– Downtown Porsche are doing a deal on rims and tires at the moment. About $3700 for a set of rims, tires and TPMS, fitted to the car (excl tax).
Unfortunately, the TPMS are for post-2009 cars, so no go for me (pre and post 2009 tire pressure sensors are incompatible)! I could take the above deal, then replace the sensors. That would add about $200/wheel, plus labour.

– Downtown could just replace my tires with Pirelli Sottozeros (295s on my 305 rims at the back). This was quoted at around $1800 fitted (Excl tax).

I have yet to go to a third party. I will do it this week.

Thanks again for the advice.

Cheers, Rob.