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1984-944 suspension for autocross

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    Hi folks
    I have just completed an autocross season competing with my 944 in stock form. For this winter’s project I would like to make some modifications to the car suspension. Last winters projects included:
    Koni yellow shocks
    Rebuilt suspension wear items with stock components.

    This car is only used for autocross and not really driven on the street so comfort is not a consideration. In fact next year I am planning to trailer it to events.
    My thoughts for improvement include front lowering springs.. not sure of a suitable spring rate.
    Rear suspension could include removing torsion bars and replacing with coil overs. Or a combo of increased spring rate torsion bars and coil overs. Again not sure of what overall spring rate I should be targeting.
    Anyone have experience with this. Any ideas would be welcome.

    Avatarandy wright

    Depending on your budget, I would suggest the following in order of priority:
    1 – Check and replace any worn suspension components such as ball joints, track rod joints, etc..
    2 – Replace the front and rear (if you have one) Anti-Roll bars with those from a 944 Turbo.
    3 – Replace all bushings with Polyurethane bushings.
    4 – Fit Adjustable Shock Absorbers.
    5 – Lower car front & Rear (various ways to do this with stock or lowered springs/torsion bars or coilovers).

    I’d recommend that you talk with a local Porsche specialist that has racing/autocross experience for their suggestions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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