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    Wild Weasel

    Just want to say thanks to everyone involved. Sunday looked like it was going to be a mess of rain the whole day but actually turned out mostly dry!!

    I want to say a special thanks to Martin and Bruce, who were instructors for my friend and I for the weekend. Sunday’s last run was the most fun I’ve had yet at a DE and it was entirely thanks to you two for having the idea and trusting us to have fun with it.

    If anyone else from the Green group read this, I’m sure you realized there was something afoot out there.

    Every DE I’ve been to has been great fun. We wouldn’t be there if we didn’t enjoy just driving our cars fast. Today though we discovered a whole new aspect of DE that I never even knew was happening.

    Until today every session was about learning something new or doing something better or just practising doing the same thing over and over. It’s fun because SPEED AND NOISE!!! 🙂

    The last session was different though. While we were certainly still learning things (like how to make a pass at the last moment on the opposite side of where you thought you’d be going), it was mostly just plain fun. We were playing with our cars and each other on the track like a couple of kids and it was an absolute riot.

    Apparently they do this in the higher run groups with each other all the time but I had no idea. It wasn’t about going faster. It was just about doing the next few corners better to either try to get away from a friend or to try keep a friend from getting away. Then reset and start over.

    It really was a ton of fun and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to do it at our level.

    Thanks again, guys!!


    I completely concur with WW- I was in the Green run group, and words cannot describe the amazing experience- a HUGE thank you to Wallace who made the weekend a complete pleasure from start to finish because of his teaching style- and his eagerness to pass his knowledge on- especially for corner 5A! I felt VERY lucky to have the experience of rain on Sunday to learn the “wet” line on the track.

    The track walk Saturday afternoon was amazing- I told a Black Group run member that I felt it was worth 100 laps of the track- and he agreed!

    Other massive thank yous to everyone organizing the event- I felt very much welcome as a “Greenie” and cannot WAIT to get out there again.

    What a cool experience!

    Wild Weasel

    Yeah, the track was was very valuable and chasing a truck full of beer is a heck of an incentive to keep going when that giant hill of a back stretch is laid out in front of you! 🙂

    I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one that couldn’t figure out turn 5 without a lot of patient instruction. Once I found the little straight line between 5A and 5B, it all came together. While I’m probably years away from getting it really “RIGHT”, at least I won’t be going through it as a low-speed U-Turn while swearing at it the whole time anymore. 😀

    Wild Weasel


    I don’t know who Michael A Coates is, but he posted a gallery of really nice pics here:

    Dave Osborne

    Michael Coates is UCR’s long time official photographer. He’s done some amazing work for the club and is always available to photograph your personal interests.

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the June event. We also had a phenomenal charity program on Friday (Driven 2 Smile) that just keeps getting better. It’s the enthusiasm of members like you that makes the effort all worth while.

    See you trackside!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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