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    Wild Weasel

      I just want to give a shout-out to everyone involved in organizing DE’s in general, and this past weekend’s in particular.

      And a special thanks to Rod, for being a stellar instructor all weekend, including putting up with the shenanigans that was session 7. 🙂

      I did the IDS in April but this was my first full-on DE and I had an amazing time!!

      I won’t be out again this year but am already looking forward to doing it again next year. Y’all may have created another addict…

      John Adam

        Hot and humid and so a bit uncomfortable in that sense but otherwise the event ran smoothly after a slight delay due to a missing ambulance. The Red (instructor) group was so exhausted that there was no one willing to do the final Red run group.


          Gotta agree with yuh Weasel, it was a blast, even for an aging kid like myself (I was the black C4S Cab parked beside you on Saturday … # 664). I thought I was really stepping it up until you and your friend in the Bimmer kept blowing by me and shattering my ego (oh forgot, we are not supposed to take our egos to the track!!!). I did the IDS on Friday and gained a whole lot of respect for the capabilities of Porsche cars. Saturday and Sunday opened my eyes to the intricacies of handling a high performance car on a technically demanding track and learning and then trying to hold “the line” while at the same time trying to push the car to it’s limits (well, my limits at least). Nothing short of “totally exhilarating” and yes, addictive!
          Besides adding my koodos to all the organizers and volunteers involved in the past three days I would like to express particular appreciation to Mike Sylvester for his great instruction throughout the weekend. The ride in the shot-gun seat of his GT3 with the yellow group late Saturday was an amazing chance to see how it can/should be done. I came away from the weekend exhausted but with a big grin on my face!
          Waitlisted for Sept DE, so we’ll see if I get an opportunity to run the big track this year.

          Wild Weasel

            LOL! Yeah… no egos… certainly not in session 7… 😀

            To be fair… I gotta say I love my car more now than I did before the weekend, if that’s possible. I’d like to pretend I was doing a lot of brilliant corner work out there, but if I’m honest… this car can make anyone look like a hero. I guess my goal over the next few years will be to get to get to where I feel like I’m pushing it to its limits rather than having it bailing me out a few times a lap.

            Incidentally… if Mike Sylvester reads these forums… thanks again for taking the helmets off our hands!


              I must agree with you all that this was a great weekend and a great track. I did the IDS in April and went straight to the big track. Participating in this past weekend DE event at the DDT track has definitely increased my confidence into cornering heading back to the big track in September. UCR should try to have a DE DDT weekend after both IDS events. Thanks again UCR for putting on a great event. ????

              Andy Wright

                I’m very glad that everybody had a good time and it sounds like we now have a few more addicted Trackies. We were concerned that due to some challenges we faced this past weekend that people attending for the first time, might go away with a negative viewpoint., so I’m pleased to hear otherwise. I agree with ‘Jesteves’ that the Driver Development Track allows you to really concentrate on improving your skill level – regardless of what that level is – and is a great facility for both teaching and learning.

                Wild Weasel

                  Unless there’s people coming in from other regions or something, I’ll assume that all the first-timers were in the green group.

                  Being completely honest… I can’t think of anything about it that didn’t go perfectly such that I might have any reservations at all about attending another.

                  I guess if I were in the yellow group and uncomfortable about driving solo, I might think differently, but my impression is that instructors were available to fill in for anyone that found that to be the case.

                  So the only scenario I can imagine that may have given a negative impression would be someone that wasn’t happy running solo but wasn’t comfortable about asking for an instructor.

                  For my part though… it was an amazing experience and I’ll see y’all out on track again next year!

                  Thanks again!

                  Rod Nagy

                    I’m happy to see I made it a great day for you!

                    See you next year!

                    Wild Weasel

                      You sure did, Rod!! Can’t wait for next year!

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