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    Anyone know who’s the best person to go to to get their cars detailed. I just picked up my new (to me) 997S from Pfaff this week and I’d really like a proper detail job done before I start driving it.

    I live in Markham, if that helps at all.



    We have probably one of the best detailers in town – his name is Mark and he can come to your place if necessary. Otherwise you can drop off the car here with us and we will have him come do it here.
    I posted some pictures on our public facebook site recently of a black 997 GT3 that he detailed. Looked better than new…Ilker @ SportsCarBoutique –



    Well, as with all things subjective I can only give my opinion but the guys at Pfaff do a fine job. I get mine detailed there all the time. Go talk to Jason Meise at the service desk and he will take care of you. I am a bit of a neat freak so I get my car done about four times a year. People tell me the interior is flawless.

    Now then, for something more involved, there is Josh Spagnol at the Pfaff autoworks who can do a full three stage polish. I have my car there right now. I figured a polish would really be nice. It will get rid of all the scuff marks from cleaning.

    I just emailed Josh this morning and he said :

    > I could most likely squeeze in a single stage polish for you. This
    would get rid of any wash mitt marks and haze. It would offer a better protection to your clear coat.
    > Typically there are 3 stages of polishing.
    > 1 Single stage
    > 2 Compound and Polish
    > 3 Wet sand (3000 grit) and Polish
    > The single stage is our best option.

    You can email him at “Josh Spagnol” jspagnol at pfaffautoworks.com and ask questions.

    So there you have it. I have no issues with the Pfaff guys and really I don’t bother with a $50 difference here or there. Josh is probably the best around with a full detail cleaning with a polish. If you want I can wait until he is done and then post an update.




    Mike Clubine, owner of Michelangelo’s, is the best for me. I was introduced to him by Downtown Fine Cars (that long ago)He has looked after my GT3 and ClubCoupe with great success.
    He can arrange for pick-up and delivery. Call his wife, Rhonda, on 416 964 5600.
    The address is
    Michelangelos Auto Salon Inc.
    229 Sterling Rd.
    Toronto, ON M6R 2B2
    bestdetailer at hotmail.com



    I picked up my new (to me) ’06 997 C4S Cab just this April at Pfaff.
    They detailed it for me prior to pick up (waxed and polished exterior and even cleaned, repaired, treated the full leather interior). Pfaff did a fantastic job!


    I have used, and only use Autobahn:
    Phone Number:
    1681 Langstaff Road Unit 9 Vaughan, ON L4K 5T3

    As far as I am concerned, Frank is the Master at detailing and is far above the rest. I would offer him my 911 anytime. His committment to high-end is unreal. I have attached a pic after his work was completed. Good luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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