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    Hey all,

    I see on the tech inspection sheet that your car needs to have 50% linings on all brake pads. Is there a thickness that this corresponds to in millimeters?

    Currently I have what looks like 8mm left on the front and 9mm left on the rear. Will this fail tech inspection?

    John Adam

    It would seem logical to get the answer from the mechanic that has to sign the inspection form rather than an opinion from the general public.

    Dave Osborne

    Different manufacturers supply different pad thicknesses for different compounds, so the configurations are endless. You should be able to ask Mr Google for the original spec for your pads and see how it relates to what you have remaining.

    The 50% standard benefits heat dissipation under heavy braking. You can get more use out of those pads for your daily street driving. The thicker pads are also easier on your rotors as they are less likely to warp them from heat concentration.


    Thanks Dave, appreciate your input!

    Wild Weasel

    Yeah. Worth mentioning: If you’re concerned about throwing out perfectly good pads just because of DE rules… don’t. Keep them. Put them back on after the DE is over and keep using them. They’re fine for the street.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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