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    The odometer gear has stopped functioning a short while ago, in my ’80 SC. A common problem so I’ve read. A number of places offer replacement gears, but my concern is properly documenting a home repair of the speedo, without raising the question in future, that the speedo/mileage has been tampered with.

    Any suggestions, other than shipping it out to a shop?


    Douglas Bradshaw

    Hi Odie

    just saw your post- kinda late.
    Go to they sell a replacement better then OE and ships in a couple of days
    They have a video to walk you through the replacement.
    I did it – took me about an hour
    Doug Bradshaw

    Derek Fisher

    This was timely for me, for my ’83 SC – got the part from and followed the instructions – worked! Thanks for the tip, very helpful. And, I was able to manually run the mileage forward to account for the distance I drove the car while it was not working!

    Thx, Derek


    Sorry for the late thanks Douglas, I don’t log in often, and when I tried, I forgot my password, so had to re-register.

    I bookmarked the link you sent, and pulled the speedo to see what kind of job it might be, opening it up.

    Thanks again, and I’ll post how I make out with the project.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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