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    Brian Sullivan

    Just spent the weekend at Calabogie — not driving mind you but as support/spectator for my brother who races vintage motorcycles.

    What a superb facility and track! Has there ever been a UCR event there? Has there ever been any thought towards organizing a UCR driving event there? I realize there may be some issues (like distance, treading on another chapter’s turf – and maybe some others) but it would be great to able to drive the track under UCR’s superb controlled driving situation.

    Wayne Spiegelberg

    Hi Brian, UCR has been there at least 3 times in the past that I have attended but not for quite a few years now back when we would go to Shannonville one year and Calabogie the next in August. Unfortunately not enough UCR drivers attended both venues to justify the cost. However other PCA Regions and BMW Clubs schedule DE events there and would welcome you without issue as a qualified UCR driver. Check out Calabogie`s event schedule next year and enjoy. A great track !

    Brian Sullivan

    From what I can tell the local PCA does not go to Calabogie either (maybe just not anymore?). From information I have it is as expensive as Mosport to rent so you would have to have a full house to justify the cost. And convincing all the volunteers to go that far might be an issue as well. It is not quite as far for me as I am already east of Toronto but for others it might be many hours drive. And with no camping facilities it is a problem

    There are other options as well from what I can tell — evening track days and full track days.

    Maybe I will have to wait ’til I get out of the instructor required run groups to get there.

    I wonder of some sort of joint UCR/Rennsport event has been considered?

    Andy Wright

    Hi Brian,
    I agree that Calabogie is a great facility and I would love it if we could get it back on our DE schedule, but as Wayne noted, we always struggled to get the numbers there. We have tried partnering with other Regions, but even then it was always a struggle to break even. Rennsport used to hold DE events there, but I don’t know if they still do. In the past, they have not been open to a joint event. It is an expensive facility to rent for a DE weekend and the noise restrictions there do exclude some of the cars with open exhausts. We also have trouble getting enough Instructors which leads to doubling up (two students for each instructor) which on a twisty track like Calabogie is very hard on the body. Great track though.

    Brian Sullivan

    Maybe I will (after a big more running and instruction at Mosport) have to see other options (other than PCA events) they have for getting on track.

    I am not sure even whether the VRRA will be back there next year so I made a special effort to get there this year to check it out.

    Dave Osborne

    Hi Brian,

    I wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed driving at Calabogie. It’s a pleasant drive from Kingston on picturesque winding roads and a great facility. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Wayne and Andy, UCR is a GTA centred club. We were never able to gather enough participants to pay for it. The GTA centre may be further highlighted when the 407 extension is complete, as more people will drive home at night.

    Even Rennsport is having a hard time getting enough people to go there as a club. That’s partially due to the open lapping events that the track has. People from the Ottawa valley can drive there after work and do some lapping rather than go to an organized weekend event.

    The other issue for us, is if we give up a track date at Mosport to go somewhere else one season, we might never get it back. CTMP is booked daily and the weekend dates are fought over every season. The good news is that, as a highly trained UCR Advanced Driver, you’re welcome at any PCA event anywhere. So don’t hesitate to attend other Region’s events at different facilities.

    Brian Sullivan

    Yes. I see the difficulty.

    The 5-7pm lapping activity is very attractive from a price and availability point of view so that is probably the best option for at least trying the track.

    As to the “highly trained” — that might take some time. 😉

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