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    Brian Sullivan

    I have looking into DashCams. From what I can tell the attachment methods for these products are either suction cup or double-sided 3m tape affixed permanently to the windshield. Is there any way to make either of these DE tech compatible? My understanding is that directly wiring (not an electrical wire) a camera to the rear view mirror (in addition to one of the above attachments) could possibly meet the requirement (true or did I imagine that?). I am thinking wiring using a tool like:


    Alternately can anyone suggest a product that would meet DE requirements?

    Andy Wright

    Hi Brian,
    Our rule is that the camera must be rigidly mounted to the car, which usually means bolted or screwed to the vehicle. Safety-Wiring a camera to your interior mirror might work, although I would defer to our Tech Chief for his input on that. One driver used the same adhesive that is used to mount interior mirrors in many cars to attach a camera bracket to the inside of his windshield and we did allow that as it was a rigid mount. On a Boxster you might be able to make a bracket between the roll hoops to mount a camera, provided it does not impede rearward vision too badly.


    I use a GoPro Hero5Black which I have in a housing bolted to my Tow Hook, which is screwed into the frame. The Tow hook attachment is made by the same firm that manufactured the Tow- hook. The waterproof housing was bought off e-Bay.

    I use the GoPro remote to start and stop the video. I used to review the video post session after parking in the paddock, but with a larger volume memory card now in the camera, I just set it in the morning and forget it until I’m ready to go home, starting and stopping the camera as required.

    After the day ends, I remove the camera, re latch the housing, and unscrew the tow hook.

    I download the raw video off the card that evening, and therefore have an empty card for the next day. I spend snowy winter days editing the footage, and analyzing my mistakes.

    Brian Sullivan

    I was thinking a more permanent DashCam — not specifically for DE days. One that would record all the time when driving (or parked – as some have that option).

    Matt Nowak


    The double sided 3M tape that comes with dash cams is extremely solid and I don’t see how this would be a safety issue. I’ve had to remove it several times and it always requires a heat gun to get off.
    The DE Tech lead will ultimately determine whether this suffices as a safe way of securing a dash cam. If it’s deemed unsafe, you can always just detach the dash cam for the track event.

    In terms of wiring the dash cam in, look up the Meknic hardware kit on Amazon. It costs less than $20, works with all dash cams and makes this job a breeze. I’ve used several of these over the years, and they work very well.

    Andy Wright

    Dash Cams vary in weight and size and therefore for DE Events double-sided tape is not an acceptable mounting method. Rigid mounting only is allowed. The concern is that if the camera breaks loose from its mounting, it will at the very least be a distraction and worst case could hit the driver or instructor causing injury.

    One thing to be aware of if wiring the camera to be ON at all times, is that this will increase the ‘parked’ drain on your battery. Make sure you use a solar charger plugged into the accessory socket or you might one day find the battery dead with no way to open the electric released frunk on your Boxster to access the battery 🙁 I know the early cars had this potential issue, not sure about the later models.

    Brian Sullivan

    So after some research and soul searching I bought a DashCam. This is what I bought:


    Best Buy seems to be selling the same model for almost 3 times as much so I figured waiting for few weeks for delivery from China was a worthwhile trade off.

    It seems full featured (haven’t actually tried in the car yet … that will have to wait ’til spring) – with GPS, collision detection,high quality lens and parking mode (that runs off an internal battery for 24 hours when the power turns off). It can be controlled via WiFi by an app (available for Android and iOS). It is powered by a 5V USB source (cable and power adaptor included). The negative as Andy pointed out is that you have to use a power source that turns off with the ignition – an attribute that power plugs on my Boxster do not have. I have a solution — an aftermarket HU in my car has a USB port that I don’t use that shuts off with the car. But as Matt suggested there are other only slightly more complicated but still not expensive solutions.

    The camera itself is compact, quite light – it uses a micro SD card (up to 64GB) to record and is detachable from the mounting base (which is glued to the windshield) so I am hoping removing the camera will be acceptable for DE.

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