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    I’m a new member to PCA UCR and signed up for the June DE event!
    I was hoping to find out more about what the schedule would be like on the second day on Sunday. I saw the answer provided by Andy Wright in an older thread (quoted below). Is the schedule pretty much the same for Sunday? How many track sessions do we have per day?

    “Registration opens at 7am and closes around 8am.
    You will receive an event schedule in your registration package.
    The Tech-Line opens at 7:15am and closes at 8:15am.
    There is a mandatory Drivers Meeting at 8:25am.
    White Run Group is on track at 9am.
    Since this is your first event, you will be in the Green run group which is on track about 25 mins after the White run group.
    Lunch is at 12:30pm and the event finishes at 5pm.
    There is usually a social or sometimes a dinner after the event shuts down.
    Your last run of the day is at about 3:30pm so you will be free to leave after about 4.”

    John Adam

    The time line is the same every day. However, we have changed the order of the five run groups this year. You will have a work shift for 1/2 day but will not miss any of your runs.

    Yellow 9:00
    White 9:20
    Red 9:40
    Black 10:00
    Green 10:20
    Break 10:40
    Yellow 10:50
    White 11:10
    Red 11:30
    Black 11:50
    Green 12:10
    Lunch 12:30
    Yellow 1:30
    White 1:50
    Red 2:10
    Black 2:30
    Green 2:50
    Break 3:10
    Yellow 3:20
    White 3:40
    Red 4:00
    Black 4:20
    Green 4:40
    The End 5:00


    Thank you!

    Dave Osborne

    Don’t worry about anything other than getting there on time. The first thing that you’re handed at Registration is an envelope that will contain; the weekend’s full schedule, your worker assignment, run group wristband and the names of the Team members in charge of each area.

    Each Track Team member will have a radio in their hand all weekend, so if we don’t know the answer to any question, we’ll be happy to get the answer for you. You will be very well taken care of. So get ready to have fun and read the Registration Rules on this website.

    See you trackside

    Wild Weasel

    Oh… so no more wild girls then?? 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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