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    Thanks for the advice- I’ve writtten a note using the link but when I click on “send”, all I get is the rotating arrows beside the “send” box- I doubt if my note is being delivered.

    My credit card was definitely charged- so someone somewhere knows I’m in.

    I’ll just bring a roll of painters tape (thanks WW) and jury rig something last minute, although I wanted details like an assigned number taken care of long ago. No worries.
    I was a bit concerned about using paper tape as it might begin to come off if it gets a bit damp- anyone ever have that issue?

    Wild Weasel

    Exterior painters tape is made of thin plastic. I ran in the rain at Watkins Glen with my numbers taped on and it worked like a charm and came off perfectly clean.


    Great tip- Thanks WW!


    I just wanted everyone to know my numbers were on my DE site login profile- I just didn’t know to look there- I was expecting an additional e-mail.

    However, I looked there on Friday evening and numbers were there- so I was able to show up at the track with my numbers.

    Advice to all- check out your DE site account before getting concerned about anything!!


    Thanks for closing the loop on this. I was also unsure about my number, but have now found my car number on the DE Events site.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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