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    Wild Weasel

    My apologies for the noob questions… but I’m a noob. 🙂

    I see that you need to get a tech inspection within 21 days of the event, so I expect we need an inspection for each event rather than getting one at the beginning of the season or something.

    Can I get an idea of the average cost for this? Are we talking about $20, or $100 or something?

    Secondly, I already got confirmation that the factory fire extinguisher is ok, even though it technically doesn’t meet the specs on the form. Do all the inspection centres know this or should I go to any specific ones to ensure this isn’t brought up as an issue?



    Cost for the tech inspection is an unusually reasonable $0.

    No idea about the fire extinguisher, I didn’t think the oem one was acceptable since as you say it doesn’t meet the requirements listed.

    Here is a question for you, do you know if the factory extinguisher will work with ventilated seats?

    Wild Weasel

    Excellent!! I like $0. 🙂

    Now… I’m looking all over for the info I got on the extinguisher. I can’t recall how I asked, but I got the answer here somewhere telling me the factory one will pass tech, despite the slight size issue. I’ll keep digging to try to find the email, or maybe someone of authority can put the answer up in here.

    As for the ventilated seats… I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking me.

    If you’re asking whether the factory mount will attach to them, then the answer is yes. I’ve got the 18-way ventilated seats and it came with the extinguisher on the passenger side. Whether or not there’s a specific mount for this, I have no idea.

    If you’re asking me whether the extinguisher is capable of putting out a fire that’s being fed massive amounts of oxygen by the hurricane-like power of the ventilation coming from the seats… well… I hope I never have to find out. 🙂

    Wild Weasel

    I found the email. It’s from Stephen, who I believe is the head instructor, and he got confirmation from a tech inspection station that the factory extinguisher is good to go.

    andy wright

    Just to clarify the $0 Tech Inspection comment.
    If you take your car to a DE Approved Tech Inspection Centre for your regular maintenance (and that includes Porsche Dealers), then they will usually take care of the Tech Inspection at no charge. This is however at the discretion of the business and by no means should be expected. A proper DE Inspection takes time and for these businesses, time is money. Don’t expect to show up for the first time at a DE Tech Centre and get your inspection for free.

    Wayne Spiegelberg

    We do them for free at Mantis.

    Wild Weasel

    Thanks guys!! Seeing as I’ve never been in for maintenance, I obviously don’t have a rapport with any of the shops yet. Thanks for the heads-up, both of you!

    Wild Weasel

    Woohoo!! I got into the August 15/16 DE!!

    Now I gotta buy a helmet and get an inspection… 🙂

    John Adam

    A major issue with fire extinguisher is not the size but the plastic mounting hardware. Plastic mounting hardware will NOT be acceptable, as you will no doubt learn in due course.

    As for a helmet, be aware that SNELL M 2015 is now available on retail shelves. Don’t get sucked into buying a Snell M2010 helmet = automatically 5 years old.

    Wild Weasel

    Genuinely? I thought they were forbidden from selling them until October!

    Good to know, John! Thanks! Any recommendation on where I should go shopping for one?

    John Adam

    SA 2015 helmers will be available in October, 2015. We do not MANDATE the Snell SA specification. Either SA or M specification is acceptable.

    Wild Weasel

    Ah!! Excellent! From the Snell website it kinda seems like SA might be a bit overkill and a less useful option in some cases anyway. I’m not devaluing the importance of my noggin here… but I’m not gonna be driving a caged racecar with support for HANS stuff, so that’s out the window, and I’m just as happy having a wider field of vision and having my helmet legal for use on a motorcycle as well if I ever find the need.

    Will anyone here make the argument that I should really go for the SA standard because my grey matter is valuable enough to warrant it and there are circumstances I may find myself in during a DE in my convertible that it makes a difference for?

    I’m not talking about getting a cheap vs. expensive helmet. Just SA vs. M.

    This, from the website:

    What are the differences between the SA, M and K standards?

    The SA standard was designed for competitive auto racing while the M standard was for motorcycling and other motorsports. The K standard was released to accommodate helmets used in karting. There are three major differences between them:

    The SA standard requires flammability test while the M and K standards do not.
    The SA and K standards allow for a narrower visual field than the M standard (Some SA and K certified helmets may not be street legal).
    The SA and K standards include a rollbar multi-impact test while the M standard does not.


    I know there is a list of approved the inspection centres but does anyone know if the inspection can be done by another centre not on the list? I would rather have this done by the garage that services my 911 regularly who are not on the list.

    Can anyone help on clarifying the requirement to use one of the facilities on the list.

    Thanks everyone.


    I believe the inspection must be done by a shop on the list unless you live in another region.
    M rated helmets are designed for a single impact, whereas sa is designed for multiple impacts. If you roll your car you will probably have multiple head impacts. It is not uncommon for a car involved in an accident to hit a wall more than once (say rear then front). That being said accidents at DEs are not that common. Regarding the fire extinguisher, I bleieve you are allowed to attend one DE without an extinguisher btw.
    Enjoy your weekend on the 15th!

    andy wright

    Regarding using non-listed garages for Tech Inspections, you should contact Paul Neto, our Tech Chief and ask him to see if your local shop can be added.
    Provided they are experienced with Porsche’s and have licensed mechanics and the facilities to carry out a Technical Inspection, then there is no real reason that they could not be added to the list, but it is at Paul’s discretion.

    Regarding the SA vs. M Helmet discussion, provided you have no intention of participating in any racing events, where SA helmets are usually mandated, then either specification is fine. Be aware that there may be other PCA Regions that do require an SA Rated helmet for DE. As already stated, the only big differences are that the M helmet is not rated for multiple impacts (never really understood this, but if – when? – you come off your motorbike, make sure your head only hits the pavement once) and the SA helmet has a fire resistant lining. Your hair may be on fire, but be assured that your helmet is not !!

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