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    So I’m on the wait list for every single events and I was wondering how slim are the chance to get in usually? If anyone with the same experience can share that would be sweet.

    Then the follow up question to this is, should I just register to everything in January and cancel 2 weeks prior if I don’t feel like going? Almost sound like cheating the system with the short notice cancellation rule.


    Brian Sullivan

    I am guessing you are in a group that requires an instructor? I am sure this is driven by instructor availability.

    I am guessing that some people drop out and/or instructors get added late so a last minute move (i.e just before two weeks or so) is possible depending on where you are placed on the wait list. I am guessing the likelihood of getting off the wait list is based on where you sit on the list.

    I am sure the registrar knows — it would also be useful for participants to know so they can have some idea of the odds of going and can arrange their schedule accordingly. I don’t know if it is possible to keep that sort of information up to date or not (online tracking would be best but it may not be easily accomplished).

    This may be one of those intractable problems.

    Andy Wright

    Our DE events are very well subscribed in all run groups, so registering early in January for the next season is definitely a good idea, especially if you are in an instructed group (Green or Yellow). The limitation in the instructed groups is not usually a lack of instructors – although some are notoriously late registering – so much as the PCA restriction on the number of cars per mile of track that we are allowed to have. I forget the actual numbers, but this is done for safety reasons and limits the numbers in Green & Yellow..

    If you are on the wait-list, don’t give up hope, as many times people don’t cancel until the last minute. Cars break, schedules change and some rely on the long-term weather forecast before committing. I do like the idea of providing a wait-list ranking so that people have some idea of their likelihood of getting into an event. I will broach this with the Track Team to see if this could be done, or if there is some reason why we cannot do this.


    Yes I’ll stick to the wait list but the idea of not getting any track time is pretty hard. I wont be making that mistake again next January that’s for sure. The cancellation system is also extremely generous and I just didn’t connect the dots last January.

    sheri whitlock

    All run groups have a maximum allotment on the track for safety and for insurance reasons.
    This year, many people signed up early and actually it was the white run group that had the first wait lists created.

    Green and yellow run groups have also had waitlist and unfortunately, those who signed up in April found themselves in this position. Don’t give up yet. There is a lot of movement with driver advancement and cancellations. many people are accepted two weeks out from the event. If you would like to know where you are on the waitlist, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly: (many people do)

    I like that you believe the cancellation system is generous. Some do not share the same views. Early cancellations would help others to plan and get ready early for the event. (coming off he waitlist sooner)
    Really, it is respectful for fellow club members and DE enthusiasts.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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