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    Paul Kneale

    I took my 2002 996 turbo X50 into Porsche Centre Oakville for their owner/mechanic vehicle inspection. I was totally impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of the mechanics. They answered all my questions, and even discussed ways to ‘up the ante’ with my car. We talked about short throw shift kits and I am considering having the dealership install the Porsche built unit. We also talked about exhaust systems, and the mechanics’ (two of them) opinions were that I should keep the stock mufflers and replace the stock exhaust headers with aftermarket units. They said that if I bought them and brought them in, they will install them for me. My question is… what brand and where should i look for the best product that will increase power, be high quality so they last the life of the car, and won’t make the car so loud that I won’t like spending too much time in it before my ears ring… most of the online brands are from far away places like California or England. Anywhere in Ontario that sells a great set of headers?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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