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    What are your favorite tires for track use for Cayman/Boxster? Please post Brand model and sizes for front and rear.

    I am getting close to wearing out a set of Bridgestone RE-71R (235/40/18, 255/40/18) on my 987.2 Cayman. It is an excellent tire, the only slight issue is that its not available in 100% stock sizing (for rear)

    AvatarWayne Spiegelberg

    Try Toyo R888R`s

    Keep the front size as is but consider 265/40/18 or 275/35/18 for the rear depending on availability.


    I have always run Michelin sport cup 2 on my 987.2 cayman s. Excellent grip and wears well. However, I run on 19″ wheels. 245 35/19 front and 275 35/19 rear.


    Toyo R888R’s don’t have a rear tire size close enough to the 265/40/18 stock size. I see closest size is 275/35ZR18 which is 3% smaller. Michelin Sport Cup 2’s are the the same boat. And I want to stay with 18″ rims.

    AvatarDave Osborne

    The best ones are the ones that I have for sale. They won’t fit on your car, but hey, they don’t fit on mine either….lol

    Avatarandy wright

    You might want to take a look at Toyo R1R tires. They are available in your stock sizes and are a great street/track compromise. They are slightly less grippy than the 888’s but have a good tread pattern for rain and are less noisy. They should also wear better.

    AvatarWild Weasel

    I’ll offer up a slightly different take.

    olegd, Is this your first year doing this? It seems to me that as a relative beginner, you’re better off with more street-focused tires.

    I used up the Goodyear F1’s that came on my car and am just about done with a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports. My next set will probably be the Pilot Sport 4S that’s replaced the Super Sports.

    Sure, they’re not going to be as sticky as the track focused tires, but it seems to me that this is better for learning.

    Now, I’ve got no experience with anything like Cup2’s or R888R’s but I’ve been told that street tires will give up grip in a more predictable manner and, obviously, at lower speeds which is great for when you’re learning to get the most out of them.

    Once you feel like it’s the tires that are holding you back rather than your driving and you want more, by all means move up to a track-focused tire. It’s not as if you’re stuck with the street tire for years. If you keep at this somewhat regularly, you’ll use them up in under 2 years and can then decide whether to stick with them again or move to something with more grip.


    Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. All informative, well, maybe except for Dave’s 🙂

    I was very excited about Pilot 4S when they were released until I found out that they are not available in 18″.

    I hear you with respect to street tires, but having driven multiple track days on RE71R there is no going back to street rubber for me!

    I was at Mosport yesterday on a set of Nexen N FERA SUR4G. I got a great deal on them so decided to give them a shot. They are not as good as Bridgestones (less predictable I would say) but they do scream at the limit. Probably won’t last as long as the Bridgestones either.

    I hear good things about Yokohama Neova AD08R so I might try them next (they come in proper sizes too)

    Keep this thread going with your feedback!


    I also run RE71R, they are a great tire. I have tried Pzeros, PS2, PSS, Hankook V12s, nothing compared to these, the next step would be to go R888 or TrofeoR.. $$$.

    The size I run is 245/40/18 and 275/40/18, works perfect for the 987 Cayman S.

    I am doing my Lower control arms this winter to get more camber, hopefully make the front tires last longer.


    I will be doing front LCAs as well, ordered the parts already.

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