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    Brian Sullivan

    I have been experimenting with trying to create a Google Calendar/ical schedule for DE weekends.

    I have managed to create one for my use with appropriate notifications (for my run group) but I am finding it difficult to duplicate for future weekends and export for use by others It seems duplicating whole day schedules is not a task that Google Calendar supports.

    Has anybody else tried to solve this problem? Is it worth even trying? Would this be something that others would use?


    Brian Sullivan

    Any Google Calendar users out there interested in trying this for the coming (or October) DE?

    Basically it is a schedule of run group activity (and other events of the day) with notifications of run group start 5 minutes before scheduled start (on your cell phone). I believe you can modify the notifications to be only your run group, perhaps your run group and a student’s if you were an instructor, or change the notification to some other time before if you want different time notice (but that is part of what I am aiming to confirm by testing) or remove the notifications altogether if desired.

    At some point I could produce an ical file so that other than Google Calendar users (I presume that includes those using an iPhone) but at this point I think it is better to start small.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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