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    Dave Osborne

    I’m sad to share the loss of Clive Van Wert who passed away on Tuesday.

    I joined UCR and the Track Program in 1992. From 1993 to 1995 Clive was the Track Chairman and along with Glynn and Patti Green spearheaded our Club Race program as well. Those were the days when the rules were made by those doing the work and the foundation was being laid for all of our future success.

    Those were my formative years in the DE Program and Clive’s casual and friendly style of program management is the one that I adopted when I was asked to fill the Track Chair position. While all of the newbies were in awe of the knowledge and complexity of performance driving, the organizers, like Clive, remained supportive and approachable. No matter how hectic things became, they all took the time to answer questions and offer advice.

    Without really knowing it, Clive Van Wert was a mentor to the DE program we have today and it’s to him and those who followed that we owe our thanks. I want his lovely wife Eunice to know how much Clive has meant to us and the effect he will continue to have on our future.

    Andy Wright

    Very sad news indeed. I too remember when Clive was Track Chair and his calm, laid-back, but authoritative manner was a reason I enjoyed the DE Programme so much as a novice. Never intimidating and always encouraging, Clive gave freely of his time and expertise.

    I last saw Clive a few years ago when he accompanied his Daughter to the IDS. He still had that same twinkle in his eye and friendly demeanor and was eager to help us with picking up cones at the Slalom course. He will be missed, but as Dave has stated, his influence on our DriverEd programme will remain forever.

    William McMaster

    I got to know Clive recently through my wife Linda who belonged to a book club in Toronto with Eunice, Clive’s wife. We happened to have a property near the one they moved to in Grey County and visited each other frequently. Clive and Eunice were a gracious, lovely couple and Clive was always proud to show off his latest 911 “project”. Clive played a major role in UCR many years ago as President and DE Director as mentioned. I was around back then and certainly aware of his positive influence.

    Linda and I had the good fortune to accompany Clive and Eunice on the Fallingwater driving tour last May which we thoroughly enjoyed. They had gone on several different tours over the years and were somewhat active in UCR even still. Clive was enjoying retirement despite some knee issues and we were looking forward to continuing our friendship. His passing was a great shock and we will miss him.

    As of now there hasn’t been a notice of a memorial service. It would be fitting is a strong PCA-UCR contingent could attend.

    Phil White

    Clive and I met over thirty years ago at the Porsche Club. We spent a lot of time together, helping organize the UCR in the early nineties. Clive, myself, Peter Manson and Jurgen Kontor travelled to the Daytona 24 Hour race for several years and always had a riotous time.
    I hadn’t been in close touch with Clive over the past few years but I often recall the memorable times that we had together at the various race tracks and club events.
    He was always a lot of fun to be around.
    His family was very close, so my thoughts go out to them at this time.
    Philip White.

    Ian John

    In 1993 when I purchased my first Porsche, I thought there must be a Porsche Club. Upon joining the club I learned of the DE program and met Clive, who was track chair at the time, and was hooked for life. Twenty five years later I am still hooked and can thank Clive and his group of volunteers. We missed seeing Clive around for a few years but more recently he would show up at a DE event and always take the time to stop by say hello and get caught up on our activities. My thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time in life.
    Ian John


    In 1993 i had just finished fixing up my first Porsche and was looking for a venue to further enjoy my car. Upon joining UCR. Clive along with Peter Manson where the first ones i met at my first monthly meetings, and was quickly talked me into registering for the DE program. His passion for the program and the love for the club was evident. Some 25 years since i still share that same passion that Clive had expressed back at that first meeting. I had met Clive a couple years ago and you would have never know 20 some odd years had passed.
    My thoughts go out to his family at this challenging time.

    Ray Pleasance

    Mike Bryan

    I hadn’t known Clive until I met him at a Monthly Social in 2013 when he showed interest in taking on the role of Provinz Advertising Sales. I learned that Clive was a long-standing UCR member, but it is a testament to his modesty that he never mentioned he’d been President, Track Chair and maybe more in the past.

    But now there he was, taking on a new role years after he had already served the club more than most. He quietly got on with the job and helped strengthen Provinz’s finances as he brought in advertisers… and got them to pay their bills.

    I’ll remember Clive as a true gentleman and gentle man, as well as a committed Porsche and UCR enthusiast, representing all that’s good about our club and its volunteers. I’m sad that he’s no longer with us and feel sympathy for his family and Eunice in particular.
    Mike Bryan

    Kathleen Wong

    Clive Van Wert’s Celebration of Life, Saturday July 14, 2018 @2pm-4pm in Meaford, Ontario.

    If you wish to attend please email Eunice at to express your interest and to get directions to the farm. Bring your Porsche – Clive would have loved to see them all!

    Kathleen Wong
    Porsche Club of America – Upper Canada Region

    Kathleen Wong

    This is a link to an article written by Peter Oakes (UCR Director), who was the best friend of Clive. They had known each other for 50+ years. The article was published in June 2018 Provinz.

    Provinz: Clive Van Vert, 1992 UCR President

    Kathleen Wong

    There will be a ‘Celebration of Life’ for Clive at the Van Wert farm, just outside Meaford, starting around noon on Saturday July 14.

    Please see attached driving directions to 197279 Grey County Rd 7, Meaford, ON N4L 1W7

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