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    I’ve had a few problems with the Service Department of the Porsche dealer here in London…anybody in the area know of another place that services Porsches?

    AvatarDave Osborne

    Sorry to hear that.

    If you check the list of Tech Centres at the back of Provinz hopefully you will find a shop in that area that can help you.

    AvatarBill Newby

    I had to go out of town. There is no one here I would rely on.


    It’s not the mechanics that are the problem but the service advisor…I’ve felt that I have paid for a lot of maintenance that I didn’t really need, they seem to try to squeeze every nickel they can out of you.

    My last visit I called him on it for what turned out to be an unethical, dishonest approach that I had to bring the General Manager in on and he sided with me.

    Simply, I need people I can trust.

    AvatarPaul Neto

    The only other option in London is RSP in Komoka. Unfortunately limited options out here. I feel your pain.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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