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    Can anyone advise where to purchase magnetic number signs for DE events, preferably ones that do not need taping around the edges to stay affixed while tracking. I am out in Newcastle, so a close source would be preferable.

    John Adam

    Any sign company can do it. But there is an easier solution.

    Dave Osborne, City Signs, Kingston, is not only our DE Chair bout also in the sign business. He would bring your car numbers to the next track event.

    Brian Sullivan

    I think magnetic numbers will probably need edge taping at some point – especially if you track in the cold? Maybe ovals are better in this respect?

    I think the back straight at CTMP always has had some remnants of magnetic numbers after/during CE events in the number of times that I have been there (all in cold/wet weather).


    Thanks to both of you John and Brian for your feedback. I have sent an e-mail to Dave Osborne so hopefully he can set me up with a set of new numbers.

    Paul Neto

    I’ve used magnetic numbers from rennline and

    They both claim tape is not needed but I do for sanity on the leading edge and on all edges when it’s cold or wet out.


    Thanks Paul.

    Dave Osborne

    Just a note on magnetic numbers. I thought a couple of tips would help.

    Ovals are less likely to grab air and go flying off like a frisbee. Some shops will say that you don’t need tape on the leading edge but that’s under normal use. The turbulence between 2 cars going 200 kph up the back straight is considerably higher than road use at the speed limit. The closer you are to each other is the higher the air pressure between you. So… no matter where you buy them or what they look like, if you use blue painter’s tape on the front edge, you will be less likely to buy them again.

    Remember that they aren’t a fashion statement. They should be 6″ high, contrasting colors and an easy to read font. They are a safety device.

    Wild Weasel

    And remember… all the newer cars have aluminum doors. 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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