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    I’m the owner of a 1973 911S located in Mississauga. Its restoration has been dormant for many years. Now that I’m retired I’m completing the project. The last remaining rust spots are being removed & sheet metal fitted. I’m starting with the front suspension panels. Can anyone advise regarding the following issues?

    Epoxy Primer
    Paints containing zinc chromate are no longer approved in Ontario. However, Dupont Corlar 825S Chromate Primer is available in some US states as an industrial product for trucks. Can you recommend a retail supplier near Buffalo or Detroit? Alternatively could you suggest an alternative corrosion resistant epoxy available in Ontario?

    TIG Welding
    The nose sections of the inner side panels must be patched. I’m searching for a TIG welder that’s experienced with sheet metal. Automotive restoration experience would be best. Can anyone recommend a good TIG welder located in the GTA?

    Thanks in advance,

    AvatarBrian Sullivan

    Not sure this is any help, but Eric Lee of Lee’s Autoworks in Oshawa (a PCA/UCR approved DE inspection center) has two similar projects on the go (a 68 912 and a 69 911 I think but certainly from that era). He is doing the work himself so it may be useful to discuss the project with him?


    Hi Charles, a few years ago, I bought a replacement for a Zinc Chromate primer at Canadian Tire. I should still have the can. You can contact me at 647-376-5542 I am located in Mississauga also, Gregory g.sachs@sympatico.ca


    Thanks for your advice Brian & Gregory,
    I’ll look up Eric Lee for advice & will try the Canadian Tire primer you mentioned.

    There are several firms that have offered to do the welding on their premises. Since only a few sections need butt welding I’d prefer not to move the car. Ideally the welds should be planished just after welding to blend the two panels together. I’m willing to compensate for someone to do the work in my garage with a portable TIG welder. I’m handy with a MIG welder so the remaining welds aren’t an issue.

    Thanks again,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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