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    AvatarJohn Adam

    By trying to be an early Parade registrant, I was caught in an overload situation and the process took a mwer 5 1/2 hours. Our car number is 373. That means a whole bunch of others were also booking at about the same time. It would appear that Parade 2015 will be a big hit.


    Hey John, I also tried and I was able to complete a little sooner than you. Our car number is 117. Looking to enjoy many events.

    Is there any one else going to the Parade? We can all sit at the same table for some of the banquets


    AvatarJohn Adam

    Banquet table seating is now automatic for the first time ever. There is an option to opt out.

    Since car numbers below 100 are reserved for the hoy poloy, your #117 means that you really were early off the mark!


    Do know of any others that are going?

    AvatarJohn Adam

    Registrant list is online form your (logged in) registration page.
    Adam, John
    Corner, Dick
    Erkaya, Sencer
    Hamilton, Robert
    Jensen, K
    Kenney, Kevin
    Koivisto, Rosey
    Lines, Dean
    Murray, Walter
    Oakes, Peter
    Orr, Terry
    Pogue, Rob
    Siegner, Thomas
    Stanesic, Michael
    Van wert, Clive
    von Bose, Botho
    Webb, Jennifer
    Youngs, Edward

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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