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    I’ve been looking at Porsche classifieds recently in Autotrader, Kijiii, etc and have the following comments:

    Most are a shade of silver-grey with black interiors. Boring.

    90% of the ads are for cars 2010 or older are originally from the US. I wonder if this describes the cars on the road too. Everybody and their brother must have been importing cars from the US when the dollar was high. Now that the dollar is low, are cars being sucked back into the US?

    Larry Funnell

    You may have something about cars going back to the US. I know two guys that have flipped pickups after two years, and my brother also flipped a pickup after 2 or three years. In all cases, the cars were on loans, and the individuals got new trucks for the same (albeit extended) monthly payments. I know I have been moderately watching the market for an 09 – 12 Boxster or Cayman and they are a rare breed.

    For the next little while we will need to watch out of deals on US Porsches, as there a re probably more than a few that have been flood damaged.

    Larry Funnell

    As a follow up, there was a drop in luxury and performance car sales after the crash in 2008, which would explain some of the low numbers. I managed to find a link for Porsche US total sales for 2010 through to the present. It appears that most months climbed in sales starting 2012. Of course 2015 has the impact of the Macan, which has been huge.

    Porsche Brand Sales Figures


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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