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    Hi everyone, I’m having a wierd problem with my rear wiper.

    I have an 87 944S with a rear wiper, I have not used the wiper too often in the past, maybe a half a dozen times or so and everything was fine, the wiper rests at the straight up direction., however when I used it the other day, instead wiping from the 12:00 position downwards to the 3:00 position, it went the other way and wiped off the edge of the hatch to the 9:00 position. Any thoughts on why it did that? I had not touch the wiper motor at all, however, its like the has shifted 90 degrees. Any thoughts or comments?


    andy wright

    Hi Bill, Is the wiper still parking in the 12 o’clock position or the 9 o’clock? If it is parking in the 9 position it may be as simple as the wiper arm coming loose on the motor splines. If so you should be able to undo the securing nut and re-position it in the 12 position.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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