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    Just wondering what PCA rules are for DE this year in regards to helmets. I have been trying to source out an SA2015 helmet from Bell, Simpsons, etc all back ordered. I have read in the US most PCA chapters allow SA2005 to run till June 2016.

    What is the rule for UCR?



    John Adam

    SA2015 helmets have been stickered at point of manufacture since last October. M2015 helmets were stickered much earlier in the year. Either is acceptable for DE events.

    I would think that some retail vendors don’t want to order new stock if they still have old stock (2010) on hand.

    Brian Borison

    I picked up a helmet today from Performance Improvements on Advance Rd. It’a a Racequip helmet SA2015. I ordered it last week.

    Wayne Spiegelberg

    With respect to John and Brians comments, I value my noggin to have the right helmet for me rather than just any 2015 since Ill be wearing it for the next 10 years.
    I have worn a Bell helmet since 1993 and ordered a new one in Jan but it won`t be here till June.
    For the record I have been told on good authority that for the May DE anyone showing up with an out of date helmet will be given a warning, good only until their next event.
    I suggest that anyone who needs a new helmet get the right one you need and proper fit. I also dont recommend just an M helmet for the long haul. Ive heard that some tracks in the US do not allow them and if you advance in the program and go racing, you will need an SA. Please let`s not have that debate again M vs SA. You only have one head to protect.

    Happy Motoring…Wayne

    andy wright

    Just announced today:
    PCA National has just extended the 2005 helmet replacement for DE until January 2017, due to availability issues of the new SA2015 helmets.
    Yeay… one more season with my 2005 and its sweat infused lining! Hmmmm…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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