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    I would just like to than all members of the track committee and the volunteers who pitched in to make the past weekend on the main track at CTMP a super great experience. The weather was a little “iffy” on Saturday but the morning wet-track conditions allowed newbies like myself to learn the wet line, so all was not lost. The green group got two full dry runs on Saturday and the full four sessions in the dry on Sunday so it turned out to be a great weekend.
    This was my first time on the main track at CTMP (other than 3 parade laps the weekend go the Tudor Sportscar Championship in July) and only my second time on a track anywhere (first being on the DDT this past August), so it was a genuine thrill just to be there. I had another great instructor this time around in Guido Hafer. Thanks a bunch Guido for your excellent tutelage, abundance of patience and enjoyable company throughout the weekend … oh, and thanks for the rides in your 911 and 944. Those sessions really helped me understand the line and how much speed you can carry when you get the line right!
    To summarize, I have enjoyed my first season in the PCA/UCR DE program and look forward to more involvement next year. That’s it for track time for me this year but my wife and I will be doing the Hearth Place fun run on Saturday and the Fall Coastal run to Prince Edward County in October so we’re looking forward to meeting even more great people and experiencing that aspect of the club’s activities.

    Andy Wright

    Many thanks for your kind remarks. I’m really glad you enjoyed the experience. As we warn all newcomers to the program, it is very addictive! See you next season.


    It really was a great weekend event despite a little rain Saturday, looking for ward to many more!

    David Rose

    First time for me as well. Will definitely be back.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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