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    AvatarBrian Sullivan

    I noticed Dave in his DE article in the November Provinz floated the idea of running Shannonville DE events on Friday before some CTMP Saturday/Sunday DE events. I for one would be interested in that (living halfway between Shannonville and CTMP). I suspect though that for most people that are not retired or have no control over working schedules that doing a Friday event might be difficult.

    I would also be interested in Calabogie events. I went to the Rennsport DE event there in October last year and enjoyed the track and the event despite the weather. It was not well attended. Perhaps some sort of jointly run event (not sure of the logistics of that) would get the number past the break even level? Rennsport events are generally (at least the Calabogie event was) run on Monday and Tuesday though — again limiting participation for many potential runners.


    As I would. Any track that allows the driver to see most of the track, if not all of it, from certain vantage points anyways is an outstanding venue for any level of driver.

    Roger Curtis


    I’m interested in a “road trip” to a new track as well.

    I’m very happy with our own DE days at Mosport (CTMP), but I’d enjoy a different track to enhance my driving skills. Any opportunity to apply skills at a different venue would be very much appreciated.

    AvatarBrian Sullivan

    So it looks like Shannonville is out and Mosport DDT will be added to the July weekend (based on Dave’s November Provinz column). A pretty good compromise.

    But his column brings up a number of points that have me puzzled:

    1) He talked about feedback and discussion he got (obviously this is one to one contact as I don’t know of any other discussion area other than this forum and I saw nothing here).
    2) The objection that he mentioned was that those with trailered cars didn’t want to load/unload multiple times and this seem to rule out Shannonville. Doesn’t the same problem exist for the DDT? Or is there some off public road access between the two tracks?

    AvatarMatt Nowak

    For anyone interested in trying out different tracks, I would strongly recommend signing up for an event at Watkins Glen, Mont Tremblant, or Mid-Ohio with one of the local PCA chapters. These are all amazing tracks and are all a just a few hours away from the GTA.

    AvatarBrian Sullivan

    Rennsport runs DE events at Mont Tremblant (and Calabogie — I did their fall event there last year as I mentioned).

    Most the Rennsport events are non weekend events (usually Monday and Tuesday) though which makes it difficult for many to attend (let alone the logistics of having to get accomodation and the travel to and from). Access to their events is via http://clubregistration.net. I notice that currently they have no events listed — they seem to get added later in spring likely (the Calabogie one was even later).

    I think many of the other PCA regions’ track events are accessed there as well. I have not investigated any of those.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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