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    Hey folks. A couple of us are putting together an impromptu run on Saturday, August 15th. Starting in Waterloo and heading for the Collingwood area. We haven’t planned the route yet – if anyone has ideas, fire them our way. If anyone wants to join in, the more the merrier! Be cool to get a few Porsches in our parade.

    Anyone out there itching to go for a ride on Saturday? Either join us at the start in Waterloo or along the way. We’ll post up when we get the route nailed down.


    John Adam

    THIS EVENT NEEDS TO CARRY CLUB INSURANCE. Please contact the Fun Run Chair(s) to have the event insured.

    Do not proceed without insurance.

    Wild Weasel

    Just out of curiosity… what does the club insurance cover? 😀

    I’ll be at Mosport for the DDT DE. Just curious though.


    Honestly, not really sure what we need insurance for? This is not a PCA sponsored event – just an opportunity for some Porsche lovers to hit the road together. No different from the many coffee and cars events people have.


    As John said, you can’t organize a moving event through UCR without following the club’s insurance rules. You are saying it’s not a PCA event but you are using the UCR website to contact additional UCR members to organize a moving event.

    We have a Fun Run Chairman for exactly that purpose. You’re more than welcome and even encouraged to head up an event like this, but please do it within the existing framework. Like all things in modern life there is liability for both the club and yourself personally. It’s important that you follow the rules.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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