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    AvatarAndrew Fitzpatrick

    I am seriously considering registering for the 2018 Targa Newfoundland. There are a number of club members with Targa experience and before taking the plunge I would appreciate any free advice that they might be kind enough to offer. This has been on my to do list for some time, and I’m not getting any younger, so what am I waiting for!

    My co-driver and I would plan to run in the Grand Touring Class. I figure this would allow us to become familiar with the event and what it is all about without making a full Targa-Class commitment. If it goes well, maybe we do the next year with a fully-prepared car. Is this a sensible plan? Or is Grand Touring much less intense and therefore not a good dry run for subsequent Targa Class outing? Should we considering going all in Targa-class first time out?

    I am a white run group DE driver. My co-driver, while not a DEW participant has a fair amount of track experience. Perhaps more importantly, he is very good at math and a decent mechanic. Are we experienced enough? Or will we be over our heads? We would plan to share driving and co-duties, changing up between stages. I have spoken to Darren at the Targa office and he indicates that this would not be a problem and would incur no penalties. Have folks who have been there seen this before and is it practical? Unfortunately for my co-driver I am much less good at math and not much of a mechanic.

    As for the car, we plan to run my 2010 C4. Other than upgraded pads and brake fluid (which will be done for DE anyway) I’m planning no mods from stock. I understand suspension (higher and softer) and maybe some skid plates are advisable for track cars in the Targa class. But we are taking a street car in Grand Touring. Are any mods advisable? The car is currently on the stock 19″s. I’m thinking 18″s or even 17″s might make more sense from a ride quality point of view? Are we crazy to even think about taking my pretty nice car? Should we just go buy some used Subaru?

    I should add that St. John’s is my home town so I know what to expect in terms of roads, spectacular, pavement, awful, and that it is going to rain at some point and may rain 24 hours a day for 7 days. I have spent many hours on a motorcycle on the roads around St.John’s and Conception Bay and hope this helps at least a little. I will have access to any number of pickups, SUV and garages and indeed our family runs a commercial garage in one of the overnight towns. While beds in family homes are available and this would reduce cost, I think that hotels would be better in terms of rest and focus? Comments?

    Speaking of cost, some are easy to quantify, registration $6500, shipping the car down and back, about $4,000. But are there unexpected costs we should know about? Is $15k a realistic budget? Targa’s organizers offer an “all in” package for $12k (not including shipping the car) is this good value?

    I know this is a long post, but would be very appreciative of any comments from those who have been there and done that.

    Thank you.

    AvatarWayne Spiegelberg

    Hi Andrew,

    Give us a call at Mantis Racing…905-844-6219.
    Ernie has done and won Targa a couple of times, I`ve done Grand Touring in a C4 and we have prepared many different cars for all the classes.

    We would be happy to share our experiences…..Wayne

    AvatarAndrew Fitzpatrick

    Thank you Wayne. The next couple of weeks are crazy but we will be in touch early in the new year. Great to hear that you have done GT in a C4.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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