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    Roger Stopford

    Hi, I have owned 944 and 968 for many years and would love to better understand how to maintain the cars. Inevitably these cars need regular maintenance, and I enjoy working on them, and I would love to get some education on how to do the work needed. And I love going to Porsche shops and seeing the mechanical details first hand, and seeing the jobs being done. Youtube is good, web resources are good, manual are good, but going-seeing-doing is best. And of course some of the rare jobs need ($) special tools.
    I attended the recent tech session at Pfaff, and it was GREAT. Fantastic new-model cars up on the hoists and knowledgeable people explaining the details of the engineering. But the event was very poorly attended, and of course it addressed nothing more than a few years old.

    So I am wondering, is there interest in forming a special interest group to address learning, go-seeing, tech sessions, parts, tools, know-how, knowledge base, and anything else for 944/968? If so I suggest we form a group, mandate ourselves and start building-out exactly that – a program of knowledge base, sourcing, vendor and specialist resource, and go-seeing shops that can help us maintain and even improve these cars. I expect we would find some other PCA regions where there is a strong tech interest and strong interest in the older cars, and it may well be that we can achieve our objectives simply by tagging onto one or more of these other regional clubs.
    Roger Stopford

    Paul Neto

    Count me in. Recently purchased my first 951 and can use all the help I can get 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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