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    Results of survey capture so far:
    11 of us have provided scoring of the service shops we know (1-5, 5 being the best). 9 of us only provided scoring of a single shop. I guess we don’t use service shop every much, hence the interest in more tech on these cars in UCR. Plus the 11 of us use 9 different shops.

    # voters 11
    Avg score/# votes
    autoselect 4.7/3
    eurotune 5.0/1
    Porsche Oakville 2.0/1
    Refined 4.5/1
    Mantis/Ernie 4.0/4
    Hockley/Ian 5.0/1
    Lloyds Autosport/Jay Lloyd 5.0/1
    UCR Andy 5.0/1
    RSP motorsport 5.0/1

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