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    Anyone have a suggestion/experience as to where one could go to get a pre-purchase inspection done on a 981 Boxster in the Toronto area? I know Pfaff has a good rep, but wondering if an independent might be a bit more impartial and maybe more thorough when the car is coming from another dealership? Dealer who has the car has no history on it, so totally an open book as to the mechanicals of it.
    Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

    Brian Sullivan

    I had it done on my Boxster at G-Tek a few years ago. They did a very thorough job.

    andy wright

    In the back of each issue of Provinz is a list of our authorised Tech Centres for DE Inspections. I am certain that any one of these is willing and able to perform a PPI.


    call Henry at Refined Auto. He has lots of Porsche experience. Located on Dufferin st north of Eglinton.


    john esteves

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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