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    Looking for a proper track helmet for up coming track days. Any suggestion on where I can purchase one?
    I see a lot on the net but I would like to try one on first.


    John Adam

    You are right to ask the question. Here’s why.

    UCR’s DE program requires a helmet certified by the Snell Foundation and we will inspect the helmet to find the Snell sticker (on the inside). For DE, we require Snell M or SA = Motorcycle or Special Applications. SA helmets are (only) mandated for racers, not DE.

    Here’s YOUR problem. The new Snell certification stickers come out only once every FIVE years. I would guess that no helmet currently on the shelf at any local shop has a sticker newer that 2010 because they haven’t received any helmets with the 2015 sticker. That means that your helmet is INSTANTLY five years old when you walk out of the store. We allow 10 (sticker) years and so all the 2005 helmets will need to be replaced this year. That can’t happen until inventory becomes available.

    Here is the Snell testing standard:

    Here is the link to Snell M2015 approved helmets.

    I would expect to pay about $200 for a Snell M2015 helmet. I would not pay more than half for a Snell M2010 helmet.

    Your best bet is to phone local shops to ask if they have or can get a helmet in your size with a Snell M2015 sticker. Wait until they can. You can go to any shop and check to find the size that suits you best and then wait for the 2015 sticker.

    If you need a large size, Stephen Goodbody has a loaner.


    Thank you

    John Adam

    There is an excellent review of the current Snell 2015 helmet testing situation at the following web site:

    It also comments on the difference between the Snell M and SA specification.

    Wayne Spiegelberg

    You may want to visit MOTORAMA next wknd Mar 13-15 at the International Center north of the airport in Mississauga. Many of the local suppliers CSC Racing (Bell), JRP (Sparco) and Fast Eddie (Simpson) will be there and should have a good selection to try on.

    John Adam`s comments are bang on so shop wisely.


    snell 2015 helmets don’t come out until October 2015. In the past PCA has allowed 11 year old helmets to be used when the new rating is not available. Hopefully this will happen again this year. My helmet is 2005 and I prefer to not purchase a 5 year old 2010 model but plan to wait for the 2015s.
    btw Kevin if you are planning to run a 996turbo (from your avatar) at PCA DE’s you must either pin or weld your coolant pipes or run water wetter. This was a new rule as of last year due to coolant pipe failures on these engines, also used on the GT3 models.

    John Adam

    FullBore Marketing, Mississauga, is the wholesale vendor for Arai and they have told me that Snell M2015 helmets are now available at retail.

    As well, see below re Shoei.

    Snell 2015 helmets have been available since roughly Oct of last year.

    Don Bailey
    Customer Service Rep.
    Shoei Safety Helmet Corp.

    Wayne Spiegelberg

    I believe Arai and Shoei offer great helmets however they are primarily designed for motorcyclists.
    Ive not checked out their product assortment lately but dont recall they offer SA designation.
    A good investment and a better long term choice would be to get an SA approved helmet with fire protection from a company that specializes in auto racing gear. Obviously fire is not so much an issue when crashing a motorcycle or snowmobile but trapped in a burning car is a different matter.

    My 2 cents..Wayne


    The snell website clearly states that the sa2015 rating is not available until Oct 2015: see here:
    Motorcyle helmets are designed for single impact whereas the car helmets are made to bounce around a car in an impact.

    John Adam

    There are two significant differences between Snell M and SA specifications.

    1; SA has a narrower field of vision specification. Some SA helmets are not for use on the street because of this limitation. There is also an optional SA with a wider field of vision.

    2. The assumption in the impact test is that you hit your head ONCE when you fall off the motorcycle. With SA, you may hit your head several times on the roll bar and so more lighter hits are specified. Do you have a roll bar?

    3. The fire test refers to the lining on the inside of the helmet. If the inside of you helmet is on fire, you are dead.

    The debate between M and SA spec has gone on forever. I favour the M spec. wider field of vision. I see no merit in the fire spec. for DE drivers. My preference has always been for the M spec.

    Wayne Spiegelberg

    LOL….I knew I could count on John to open the debate that I truly wanted to avoid.
    For my 2 cents, I`ve always used a Bell SA model with larger eyeport.

    Johns points are valid. Unfortunately most people dont spend enough money on head and neck protection and dont bat an eye on paying for more horsepower they dont really need before they truly know how to drive.

    The choice is yours, one bump or two ?


    Just to add to the discussion, some chapters of PCA do not allow M rated helmets to be used at their DEs. This is the reason years ago I switched to SA. It is not fun to show up to a DE and find out you must borrow your friend’s helmet. (this happened to me years ago at the Glen).


    If you’re interested I’ve got a brand new Stand 21 IVOS Open Face full carbon helmet that I want to sell. It’s SA2010 (Mfg. 05-2012) and it’s a size 7 5/8 or 61 shell but can be customized with the foam inserts. This is the same helmet made for Porsche Motorsport. Contact me at lendvaiATmeDOTcom.

    Wild Weasel

    Well… I’ll be buying a helmet soon. If I didn’t make it into the August DE, I’d have waited for an SA2015 but I guess I’ll get an SA2010.

    Funny thing though… every time I bring this up I’m told it doesn’t matter because I’ll want to replace my helmet within 5 years anyway.

    But I’m only going to use it 2 or 3 times a year, I say. I’m told it doesn’t matter. It’s gonna get stinky and nasty and I’m going to want to replace it.

    Really though… can’t it just be CLEANED?? 🙂


    Order a little beanie to wear under the helmet to keep it fresher longer. Take it out and it will usually dry between sessions.

    FYI. I just bought some racing gear at Fat Eddies in Uxbridge and they had a very reasonably price entry level SA helmet by Impact which seemed like a decent quality unit.

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